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Brad Ritchie, a beloved husband, father, and friend had a great sense of humor and dazzling wit. With a contagious zest for life, he’d look in the mirror and say with a wink and a smile, “that’s one handsome bastard!”
Brad believed in living in the moment and he always inspired others to do the same. Cancer took Brad at the young age of 56.

We wanted to bottle the confidence he wore so well and share it with you. Brad was a bartender at heart and a lover of the true craftsmanship that went into making a cocktail. In that spirit, One Handsome Bastard was made to encourage you to push boundaries, take time to relax, and of course make a bad ass cocktail.

In order to create outstanding vodka we searched for an outstanding distiller.

Weston Holm, Master Distiller at Blue Clover, puts his heart and soul into his spirit recipes so of course it was a no brainer to continue his legacy. The Blue Clover Vodka, Gin and Bitters are all made from the finest Midwest corn with locally sourced botanicals that give them their southwest flair.
We are privileged to be able to continue this journey with a person as passionate and well versed in the craft spirit world as Weston.

Here, we create Blue Clover Spirits and One Handsome Bastard Vodka.

If you’re not smiling yet, 10% of all 1HB spirit profits will be donated to the fight against cancer. Brad would say, “Enjoy life while it’s right in front of you, cause you’re One Handsome Bastard.”

Drink up, it’s for charity!

- The Ritchie Family

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History of

Blue Clover Spirits

We have called several places home, from Albuquerque to Houston to the mountains and to offshore, but nothing feels quite as home as Scottsdale. We are proud to be local to Scottsdale and couldn't imagine a better place to grow our brand together. 

Signing Bottles
Blue Clover Hand Sanitizer - Small Batched in Scottsdale

Fun Facts

1. The whole distillery vision was dreamt up and built by the owners entirely. Co-owners Duane and Scott Koch own Koch Construction Co. in New Mexico, and together with their team and with Weston, they renovated the space from the ground up. The owners all had a literal hand in building the distillery.

2. Co-owner and distillery GM Weston Holm is the brother of Holly Holm, the Preacher's Daughter UFC fighter, who is known as the former UFC Bantamweight Champion. She is the first fighter in history to hold championship belts in boxing, kickboxing and MMA and the only one listed in the Guinness Book of World Records. You may see her enjoying some Blue Clover cocktails when visiting her brother in Scottsdale!

3. Each and every bottle of Blue Clover Spirits is hand-signed. While the distillery was being built, Weston Holm and crew worked on endless revisions of the perfect recipe for their flagship product, Blue Clover Vodka. Once that was perfected, they moved on to creating the most unique and refreshing gin. With so much labor of love in each bottle, it only makes sense to polish it off with the signature of approval!

4. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Blue Clovery quickly realized the demand for hand sanitizer paired with its infrastructural ability to produce it. They quickly got TTB approval to produce hand sanitizer based on the WHO standards and recipe, and they received national recognition as being one of the first distilleries to not only make the sanitizer but also donate to clinics and first responders in their community.

We Hope You Share Our​

Vision for Quality

Blue Clover believes that the best spirits come from the best ingredients. No shortcuts or inferior products. We source the corn products from the best farms, and our hearts are in every batch we make. We craft our spirits from handmade copper stills made right here in America.

Please visit our distillery and tasting room to truly see what we are all about. We are also open for event buyouts as we love to share your special moments with you. Click below to learn more about our spirits.
Only Purified Water

We use only Reverse Osmosis (RO) water in our spirits, which helps bring that extra smooth mouthfeel.

Gluten Free

Our spirits are corn-based and only from the highest quality farms. You may drink with peace of mind!

Clean Distillation

From our copper stills to our charcoal filter, our spirits are smooth and clean from farm to bottle.

Made with Love

We are a small-batch distillery, and while we are growing, we are still carefully tending to each and every batch and bottle.

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